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DON'T START THE GAME if you are the ONLY PLAYER in the lobby, if you start the game too early, all the player want to join in the game cannot join you anymore.

Always play this with your friends to guarantee their is other player in the game.


W,A,S,D: directional movement keys.

E: primary cast ability keys.

L.Shift: Movement ability keys.

Left Mouse Button: Cast your primary fire from your weapon.

Right Mouse Button: Cast your secondary fire from your weapon.

Character Details:

SPAN: Dual wielded pistol that can used stackable dash and can throw a snaring trap

SKULL: Shotgun user that can emit pulse that knock the enemies back and can recall his position five seconds ago.

AHK: cross bow user that can fire a single arrow or fire a split arrow, this robot can also use a grappling rope and throw a poison bomb to the enemies.

This is just a prototype map, sorry.

Leave your comments and suggestions after you play.

I'm not professional game programmer or developer.


RoboBlitz 190218.zip 18 MB

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